Che l'Amazzonia bruci è un problema, ma attenzione sui motivi:

Things you’re probably not using in Python 3 – but should

"Pieno rispetto del lavoro della magistratura, ma se cercate rubli a casa mia o nelle casse della Lega non li trovate"

Ovvio, non saran stati tanto cretini da non convertirli in euro...

qual è il probema se un pino vuol essere genitore 1 di un melo?

How the latest Purism commercial was made with entirely with GNU/Linux, Free Software, and Librem laptops.

Storyboarding, motion design, color grading, video editing... We do it all with Freedom in mind.

Ma veramente? Sono inquietanti, come delle dolci paperelle gialle che mi passeggiassero in fila indiana per il salotto!

i don't always use fountain pens…
but when I do, i build them myself :D


Since I stumbled on I've been wanting to try and make one, and I've finally found half an hour to do so.

This includes discovering that the cartridges I still had from my school years (last millennium) were dry, refilling one of them, discovering that I don't know how to refill an ink cartridge without spilling ink (luckily just on my hands and on some paper ads that were there to protect the desktop) and finally trying the pen.

For something made out of a soft drink can, it writes pretty well.

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Happy Birthday, Karl Marx! Born 5 May, 1818. Why not read Capital for yourself and make up your own mind? My new free video course available here:

while I hate to link to Instagram content.. here it is:

In realtà no, solo un check a livello base dei costituenti il cervello.


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