is a project that wants to liberate sheet music from copyright and from paper! They invite and coordinate volunteers to transcribe public domain scans from using Should be a great learning experience! 🎼
A website that's entirely blank (except for the usual surveillance capitalist share icons) unless you enable third party javascript. No thanks! An open community should aim higher.
Which is the problem with the paper? Verba volant, scripta manent. And digital is not verba and not scripta.
paper is harder to share, especially on long distances, digital allows for cheap distribution especially in parts of the word that have little money to spare.
Digital also allow for easier manipulation into derivative works.

For conservation issues I think it's better to have both: well kept paper will last for a much longer time than any single digital copy, but often its preservation will prevent actual use; a digital collection that is kept alive (copied around redundantly from storage to storage as storage dies, updated to new formats as needed) has potential to survive many accidents that would destroy paper (fire, water, etc.), *and* will remain usable in the meanwhile.